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Author: Tom BairLocation: Portland, Oregon USA PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 4:01 am    Post subject: Book Review Hyperlink Index
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802.11 Security - viksit

A Book On C, 4th Edition - Stormhawk
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi Wireless Networking - Tom_Bair
Absolute OpenBSD - UziMonkey
Active Directory Cookbook - zeedo
Advanced Programming In The UNIX Environment, Second Edition - Stormhawk
All in one Security+ Certification - Saxo
Apache Security - Stormhawk
Applied Cryptography - UziMonkey
Assembly Language Step-by-Step 2nd Edition - alt.don

Bigelow's PC Hardware Desk Reference - Tom_Bair
Black Ice: The Invisible Threat Of Cyber-Terrorism - b4rtm4n
Building Internet Firewalls 2nd Edition - Shaolin
Building Linux Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) - Shaolin
Building secure servers with Linux - Chris

C The Complete Reference 4th Edition - alt.don
Cascading Style Sheets, 2nd Edition - Stormhawk
CCNA(r) Cisco(r) Certified Network Associate Study Guide (Exam 640 - 801) - alt.don
CGI Programming with Perl (2nd Edition) - viksit
Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Certification Guide - alt.don
Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Flash Card Practice Kit - alt.don
Cisco Security Professional's Guide to Secure Intrusion Detection Systems - Spyguy
Cisco Security Specialists Guide to PIX Firewall - s3cur3m3
Complete Wireless Home Networking - TheKingster
Computer Forensics : Incident Response Essentials - Shaolin
Configuring And Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional - Tom_Bair
Configuring Windows 2000 Without Active Directory - Tom_Bair
Cyber Spying - meeeeeeeeee
Cryptography Decrypted - Shaolin
Cryptography: An Introduction - JustinT

DNS on Windows Server 2003 (3rd Edition) - zeedo

Ethereal Packet Sniffing - alt.don
Excel Hacks - AdamV
Exploiting Software - How To Break Code - Stormhawk

Fight Spam, Viruses, Pop-Ups & Spyware - groovicus
Firewalls and Internet Security - 2nd Edition - saxo/ShaolinTiger

Gray Hat Hacking - alt.don
Group Policy, Profiles, and Intellimirror - Eliza

Hack I.T. - a Guide to Security Through Penetration Testing - ShaolinTiger
Hack Notes - Network Security - Chris
Hacking Exposed 4th Edition - ShaolinTiger
Hacking Linux Exposed 2nd Edition - ShaolinTiger
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation - ShaolinTiger
Hardening Network Infrastructure - alt.don
Hardening Windows Systems - Eliza
Honeypots - Tracking Hackers - ShaolinTiger
HTML & XHTML: The Complete Reference, 4/e - Tom_Bair
HTML & XHTML The Definitive Guide, 5th Edition - Stormhawk
HTTP The Definitive Guide - alt.don

ICND Exam Certification Guide - alt.don
Incident Response and Computer Forensics, Second Edition - ShaolinTiger
Inside the Spam Cartel - groovicus
Internet Core Protocols: The Definitive Guide - alt.don
Intrusion Detection with Snort - alt.don
Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection - jasonlambert
IP Routing - alt.don
iPod & iPod mini 2nd Edition - alt.don
IPv6 Network Administration - Stormhawk
ISS Security - ThePsyko
IT Ethics Handbook - meeeeeeeeee

Java EE 5 Development using GlassFish Application Server - groovicus

Learning Perl, 4th Edition - Stormhawk
Learning PHP 5 - Stormhawk
Learning Python 2nd Edition - Stormhawk
Linux Cookbook 2nd Edition - alt.don
Linux Security Cookbook - UziMonkey
Linux Security Cookbook - zeedo

Malicious Mobile Code: Virus Protection - alt.don
Malware: Fighting Malicious Code - alt.don
Maximum Security, 4E - Tom_Bair
MCSE Core Required Exams in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition - ryansutton

Network Management, MIBs and MPLS - b4rtm4n
Network Security Using Linux - Stormhawk
Network+ Study Guide (4th Edition) - cUtEpInKbUnNiEs

The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide - Second Edition - Stormhawk
Optimizing Network Performance Review - s3cur3m3

Postfix: The Definitive Guide - Stormhawk
Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion - Stormhawk
Practical C Programming - alt.don
Programming .NET Security - alt.don

Rethinking Corporate Security in the post 9/11 Era - Tom_Bair
Reversing, Secrets of Reverse Engineering - groovicus
RFID Sourcebook - cUtEpInKbUnNiEs
Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel - njan
Running Linux, 4th Edition - Stormhawk

Samba-3 By Example - Stormhawk
Secrets & Lies - alt.don
Secure Coding: Principles & Practices - alt.don
Security+ Study Guide and DVD Training System - Shaolin
sed & awk - alt.don
Snort Intrusion Detection 2.0 - alt.don
Sockets, Shellcode, Porting & Coding - groovicus
SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide - Stormhawk
SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition - Stormhawk
Steal This Computer Book 3 - alt.don
Steal This Computer Book 4 - groovicus

TCP/IP Network Administration - alt.don
The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense - groovicus
The Art of Assembly Language - alt.don
The Art of Intrusion - zeedo
The C Programming Language 2nd Edition - alt.don
The C++ Programming Language, Special Edition - Stormhawk
The CISSP Prep Guide, 2nd Edition - alt.don
The Hacker Diaries - ThePsyko
The Joy of C - alt.don
The Shellcoder's Handbook - UziMonkey
The Web Programmers Desk Reference - alt.don
Tom Shinders ISA Server 2004 - zeedo
Troubleshooting Windows 2000 TCP/IP - Tom_Bair
Twisted Network Programming Essentials - Stormhawk

Understanding The Linux Kernel - zeedo
UNIX Network Programming - alt.don
Upgrading and Repairing Networks 4th Ed - ShaolinTiger

Virtual Private Networks, Second Edition - Stormhawk

Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense - Tom_Bair
Web Services Security - MR2
Windows XP Professional Network Administration - Tom_Bair
Wireless Security + Privacy - b4rtm4n

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