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Apr '05 SFDC Column

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PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 12:29 am    Post subject: Apr '05 SFDC Column Reply with quote

SFDC Apr ’05 Column

AMD or Pentium?

This thread was originally started some time ago, but is worth revisiting. It addresses the often discussed question, of what is best the best cpu; AMD or Pentium. Much like asking someone what the best game of all time is, or video card for that matter, there are always strong opinions to be had. It is comparable to the almost religious like zeal that people will argue the merits of AMD versus Pentium. Problem is though, that too often people will argue the merits of various cpu's with little technical detail to back up their choice. There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing your cpu. First assess what your main use for that new computer will be, and then start to build your computer around that main use. Seen as you are also trying to determine what is your best choice for a computer part, use the best asset at hand; the internet! There are tons of pages that deal with technical reviews. Use the educated commentary of others to help guide your choice.

AVG Free Edition

This thread is another that is worth revisiting, as another excellent addition was made to it. One of the themes running through this was “you get what you pay for”, and that free was not always necessarily good. Well it is often the case, I must agree, however in certain cases that is not true. Specifically so when it comes to anti-virus, and firewall products. In this case AVG actually has an excellent product, in their free offering of their anti-virus software. Also, as was mentioned by Shaolin Tiger, you are best to layer your anti-virus products in a corporate environment. That way what one may miss the other will hopefully pick up. That is a piece of advice I have rarely seen given, but is a very good point.


One of the issues that has been batted around many times is the arcane way that Microsoft implements it’s licensing. There is a dizzying array of software that Microsoft offers for use today, and just as mind-boggling is the approach they have taken for managing licensing for all of them. As you can see in this thread, quite a few experienced IT admin people themselves are less then sure, as to how Microsoft has dealt with this issue. Though if you have read AdamV’s post in that thread, that is about as clear an explanation, as you are likely to find. Well done AdamV. Unless you want to risk the wrath of Microsoft, it would definitely be in your best interest to gain a firm understanding of how licensing may impact you.

The poster in this thread wants to know if there are any pre-requisites before attempting to learn ASM, or more specifically how to program using it. For those of you who are presently scratching their heads as to what the devil ASM is please read this. Leprichaun responds to the poster that MASM may be his best choice to learn ASM. Well I believe this would be the wrong approach. It would be much like learning HLA first. Both MASM and HLA are variations of real ASM if you will. It is my opinion that simply learning ASM itself would be best, and learning Intel syntax at that, not AT&T. Leprichaun stated correctly that you can indeed learn any language including ASM with little or no prior programming experience. That being said it would greatly simplify your learning ASM if you did indeed have some high level language experience under your belt. Knowing how to program in C for example would be helpful. I should put a caveat here though; I am not a programmer. When time permits I very much enjoy spending time trying to learn C and ASM. So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Which architecture is more secure?

This thread presents the forum members with the question of which network architecture is more secure. Well as can be seen there are varied opinions on this query. Many of course extol the virtue of having a DMZ setup where your mail, web, and possibly other servers are located. That being said several talented pen testers I know laugh heartily at the thought of a DMZ and the false sense of security that it imparts. Not only is there the issue of the DMZ to contend with, but also the placement of firewall/s. When it comes time to structure your network, or reorganize it, you would be best to sit down and take stock of what you really need to offer as services. Once that is done begin to build your network architecture. That in my opinion would also include a DMZ. There are various other ways to help secure the DMZ, but that alone would probably require several chapters in a book. Many thanks to those who provided insightful advice in this thread.

Forum etiquette

It has become apparent once again to the forum staff that a reminder is needed on forum etiquette, or lack thereof in certain cases. We all need to remember that members here are not being paid to answer anyone’s questions, but do so in an effort to share knowledge. Also we need to keep in mind that the written word is tone deaf, and that you cannot impart body language either. With that being said please take care when posting.

SFDC Member Column/Article

It was announced a little while ago that we are now soliciting articles, and or columns from the membership. This will be published on the site once completed. Please take care though that your submission does not plagiarize anyone else’s work. We have several members presently working on articles so if you are of mind to contribute please pm me with your idea. That brings us to the close of this months column, so take care and happy computing.
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